Pretty dresses for a pretty girl, and a bag of tricks

One of the things I really enjoy about visiting a new town is the opportunity to visit a new charity shop or two! A summer day out to Bekonscot gave us the opportunity to explore not only the model village but the real village of Beaconsfield as well. As usual my attention turned to charity shops and, after something of a false start involving some overpriced Lego, I managed to find my haul! 

Here’s Small showing off her pretty Sugar Pink dress!

And here she is with her jersey Next dress. She adores this one – it’s so pretty and comfortable. Oh yes and that is Phill Jupitus right there in the pic #namedropper!

Just as I was about to land my items on the counter to pay, my eye was drawn to a familiar little dog in amongst the bags. A quick rummage revealed a little Radley bag in need of a new loving home. It was in a bit of a sorry grubby state but for £4 I thought it was worth a gamble. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a “before” shot, but this is how it looked after a run through the washing machine! It was something of a tense half hour (something akin to being an expectant father, I imagine!) but it all went OK and my baby was safely delivered in a reasonable condition!

Charity Supported


  • Sugar Pink dress – cost £1, cost new about £12
  • Next dress – cost £1, cost new about £10
  • Radley bag – cost £4, cost new about £100 (although probably not worth quite that much in its current condition!)
  • Total cost £6, total new price up to £122